Meet the speakers

Sasha Shahbazi is researcher, coach and project manager at RISE AB, division of Material and Production. His field of research focuses on circular economy, sustainability in manufacturing and material efficiency. He has been working with sustainability and circular economy questions in a range of manufacturing companies including Volvo AB, Scania, Kone Cranes, ABB, Alfa Laval, among others.

Sasha Shahbazi

RISE Research Institute of Sweden

The Circular Economy Concept

Value creation through circular economy

Katharina Spraul

University of Kaiserslautern

Katharina Spraul is full professor and holds the Chair of Business Administration, in particular Sustainability Management in the Department of Business Studies and Economics at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK), Germany. Since 2020, she serves as Vice Dean. In 2016, she initiated the Sustainability Office at the TUK as a central institution for sustainability topics. She graduated with a Master’s degree, PhD (summa cum laude) and post-doctoral habilitation in business administration from University of Mannheim.Prof. Spraul’s current research interests are sustainability management with an emphasis on cross-sector relations and circular economy. Her research has been published in scientific outlets such as Business & Society, International Journal of Public Administration, Journal of Business Ethics, and Nonprofit & Voluntary Sector Quarterly.


Ideation and entrepreneurial perspective

Dennis Steininger

University of Kaiserslautern

Dennis Steininger is Associate Professor for entrepreneurship at the University of Kaiserslautern. He is also guest lecturer in the fields of entrepreneurship and digital transformation at the University of Mannheim. Before and during his academic career, he founded, supported, and advised numerous start-ups. The focus of his research is mainly on crossroads of entrepreneurship and digital innovation.

Raw Materials, Resources and Criticality

Eric Pirard

Université de Liège

Eric Pirard is "ingenieur geologue" and professor of georesources at ULiège. Specialised in developing computer-assisted imaging techniques in geology, particle science and geometallurgy, he is heading a group of about 30 researchers.

Circular Business Models

Karel Van Acker

KU Leuven

Karel Van Acker is full professor in Circular Economy at KU Leuven with a joint mandate at the department of Materials Engineering (faculty of Engineering Sciences) and at the Centre for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (faculty of Business and Economics). His research is on developing strategies to realize the circular economy (CE) and on sustainability assessments of these CE strategies, including amongst others recycling, materials substitution, sharing economy and circular business models.  He leads the policy research centre “Circular economy” for the Flemish government and currently is the chairman of the Sustainability Council of KU Leuven.”

Life Cycle Assessments

Jutta Hildenbrand

RISE Research Institute of Sweden

Jutta Hildenbrand is research scientist and project manager at RISE. Her research fields are life cycle assessment and system analysis for product systems including a focus on chemicals assessment.

Recycling concepts

Alexandre Chagnes

Université de Lorraine

Alexandre CHAGNES is Full Professor at ENSG in France. He published 125 open literature publications and 2 patents, and he has given 137 talks in national and international meetings. He has created the National Research Network PROMETHEE on hydrometallurgical processes (http://gdr-promethee.cnrs.fr) and is Scientific Director of the Labex RESSOURCES21 and Director of Industrial Partnerships at the Engineering School of Geology in Nancy (ENSG). His field of research is focused on solvent chemistry applied to lithium-ion batteries and liquid-liquid extraction of strategic metals from minings and recycling for a sustainable management of resources and energy.

Industrial symbiosis

Michal Preisner


Michal Preisner is an Assistant Professor at the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute (MEERI) of the Polish Academy of Sciences. His research focuses on the biogenic compounds of nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater and on the possibilities for phosphorus recovery. He was also a regional coordinator of the project "SYMBI - Industrial Symbiosis for Regional Sustainable Growth and a Resource Efficient Circular Economy" (https://www.interregeurope.eu/symbi/). 

Additive Manufacturing

Johannes Schleifenbaum

RWTH Aachen

Johannes Schleifenbaum is Full professor and Director of the chair for Digital Additive Production (DAP), RWTH Aachen University. He is also managing director of ACAM - Aachen Center for Additive Manufacturing GmbH.

Pitch presentation skills

Magdalena Petryniak

#Hero Maker

Magdalena Petryniak is #HeroMaker, Story Seekers Evangelist and Strategic Communication Advisor. She has gained extensive experience in project management and business development, and realized more than 200 communication and marketing projects for business organizations, public sector and non-profits. Magdalena teaches communication, influence, and sales using the "Customer Hero" methodology created by Mike Bosworth.